Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gingerbread Stock ROM [INDIA] of Samsung Galaxy SL i9003[DDKP3]

You can update your mobile(galaxy sl) through Kies but if you want to flash using ODIN then download links are here.  [213.03 MB zip file]

other mirror links [194.2 MB rar file]
pass-  [192.24 MB]
no password

Journaling/Note taking software for Windows/Linux

Hi to everyone….
If you are addicted to your computer, you may be thinking of writing your own thoughts/notes in computer using best journaling app. Lets see!!!
There are lots of diary apps available in windows but I like Microsoft’s Office Onenote too much for this purpose and it survive its purpose also.It is very nice app to take notes,writing like on diary and you can write anywhere onto the page.
If you want an app that’s synchronize with everywhere than I recommend to use Evernote.its great note taking application supports many platforms like windows,mac os x,android,iOS,blackberry, One account for all things.

Now, Linux as no much of softwares as windows but It provides quite better app for journaling purpose.
There are two app called Lifograph and Rednotebook which are bests.
Both provides calendar vise entries and to-do,notes and etc.
Rednotebook provide export support for your written notes to PDF,HTML,Latex and you can give it to any one.

Populer Forks of Android

As we know, Android is open source mobile operating system developed by google. And Its all versions
Without  Honeycomb(Android 3.0-Tablet Version) are fully open source.
Lets see some its most famous forks(derived versions of android)
It is very famous among all android forks and it is built on android 2.3.5(Gingerbread).It provides many functionality which is not available in original android versions. This custom ROM has largest installation in world after original android.
 its totally iOS experience android fork developed by CHINISE community and based on same ginger bread.It is very attractive and has more user friendly UI. It has some own applications like own music player,dialer,contacs,etc.
3.Baidu Yi (Chinese: literally "Baidu Yi Platform", meaning"change" or "easy")
 It is an operating system for mobile devices. It is based on Google's Android but is a fork by Baidu, the dominant search engine operator in China. It was announced on 2 September 2011 at the 2011 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference in Beijing. So far it is a vaporware, and you can't see any progress or updates on their website.

Latex Start Up Guide

    LaTeX Startup Guide
    Latex is a Document preparation suite for creating well formated reports,pdfs,e books,magazine and etc..
    In this guide we will learn how to handle LaTeX at geek level not at expert level.
    There are two tools which we will need to understand.
    1. Miktex-It is a compiler which will compile our document to generate pdf output.
    (Download from here )
    1. Led-It is a latex editor. In which we will write our code and we will compile it using Miktex.
    All latex file(code) has extension as a .tex and all bibliography file has extension as a .bbl
    Some points to remember for easy understanding and handling:
    1. F7 is short cut key to compile your code in led.
    2. Please do back up before editing any code.
    3. If you found any error in compiling your code in led then type 'H/h' in console and press enter. It will show the error did by you.
    4. Most of all tags starts from \tag-name
    5. Some format needs its class to be in same directory where our tex fie is stored,like in IEEE format its class IEEEtrans.cls to be at same place where tex file is stored.
    1. All images which are included in our tex are to be stored at same place where tex file is.
    How to do :
    1. Open LED.
    1. Open .tex file.
    1. Do modification in your way.
    1. Compile it using F7.
    1. Enable “Tools” menu in menu bar by right click.
    2. Open PDF(PDF symbol) in Tools menu.
    3. See your output in your installed pdf reader.
    Examples of LaTex report formats:(Download Links are in brackets )
    1. Simple format( )
    1. IEEE format( )
    2. University Format( )
    So modify it in your way and enjoy of doing LaTex.

How to type Gujarati/Hindi in Windows XP/Vista/7 easily? Im coming with new tip to share with you. So lets see,,,,
Many of Indian users are not knowing original Gujarati/Hindi typing which is used by type-writer and many fonts.
So there is one solution called “GOOGLE IME” software provided by Google to write in your own language.
Lets download it selecting the language into selection box and selection your OS version(32 bit/64 bit) then install it (it will download from internet).
After installation of Google IME,it will show you the language selection in language br(Language bar mostly available at taskbar near to right corner) then select the language and try to type in any word editor....and you can see its magic…

Ubuntu vs other Linux Distros

As per, I have taken 4 Linux distro.(Top 5 Linux Distro) to compare with Ubuntu.

Very Easy
Same as Ubuntu
Hardware Support
Large no. of hardware support(Dell is official sponsor of Ubuntu)
Lesser than Ubuntu and mainly Red hat tested devices
Lesser than Ubuntu
Larger support
Same as ubuntu
Community support
Second after debian
After Ubuntu(3)
Less than Ubuntu…(3)
Its best than ever in world
Very less
Unity launcher
Package Management
(*)=Indicates Ranking

**Desktop Environment Comparisons:
  • Very Popular Desktop Env.
  • More functionality,Highly customizable
  • Require more Video RAM
  • Widgets support, High Animation

  • New, cutting edge Desktop Env., Started with GNOME 3(Fedora/Open suse).
  • Compact Look
  • Less RAM Requirement after clean boot
  • Its similar in look of Ubuntu’s unity launcher but given functionality is diff.
  • Inbuilt with Fedora 15(Love Lock)
Unity Launcher
  • New, cutting edge Desktop Env. ,Started with Ubuntu Netbook Remix.
  • High RAM Requirement after clean boot
  • Require more time to get habited with it. So people are going with GNOME 2.3 /LXFE/KDE environment.
  •  Inbuilt with Ubuntu 11.04(Natty Narwhal)
  • Very Popular and famous Desktop Env.
  • Compact and very easy to use.
  • Less Video RAM and RAM requirement
  • Inbuilt with Linux Mint 11 and many distro.

There are also other Desktop environment like LXDE(Light weight X11 Desktop Environment),XFCE etc. which is minimal desktop environment ,used to improve speed/performance.

Linux Format Magazine (UK Edition –Aug.2011)

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy SL i9003?

  1. Insert a non accepted SIM card on your phone
  2. Your phone will now display “SIM network unlock PIN” or “enter network code” GET YOUR SAMSUNG GALAXY SL I9003 UNLOCK CODE
  3. Enter the unlock code and press unlock
  4. Code accepted or network unlock successful phone will reboot
  5. Your phone is now unlocked to any GSM network
If the phone does not give the prompt to enter unlock PIN or network code, then:
  1. Switch ON your phone with a NOT ACCEPTED SIM Card
  2. Compose: #7465625*638*CODE# (or *#7465625*638*CODE#).
  3. Phone may reboot.