Thursday, August 18, 2011

What is clockwork mod in Android and How to install CWM in Samsung galaxy sl i9003?

Clockwork mod means you replace original android boot loader with other customized boot loader which is called as Clockwork mod.

Benifits of Clockwork Mod:

  1. You can backup and restore your whole system using it like you are making ghost of that system.
  2. You can install custom ROM on your android device.
  3. You can mount system and other parts like sdcard etc.
  4. You can wipe cache and format sdcard.

CWM Recovery for GT-I9003:

One thing to know is that in this version External SD is called SDCard. This because SDCard is used by CWM as backup support. For the same reason also the USB Storage mounted under "Mount and Storage" menĂ¹ is related to external SD.

How to install:
Download Odin from
And connect you mobile in USB debuging mode
Select CMW file in PDA
Start flashing ....Reboot....Competed
LINK: GT-I9003_PDA-DDKB2.tar GT-I9003_PDA-DXKB2.tar GT-I9003_PDA-LUBKB1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XXKB1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-ZHKC1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XXKC1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-ZCKC1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XXKB3.tar GT-I9003_PDA-JPKE1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-DXKE1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XWKB1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-DDKF1.TAR GT-I9003_PDA-XXKPE.tar

BETA: GT-I9003_PDA-XXKPH.tar ---> to root use THIS

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