Friday, April 27, 2012

New way of running Ubuntu

After a long time, i am blogging through this post.

So...I am running ubuntu since 2010(from version 10.04) so after 2 years it was totally awesome experience with ubuntu.

In newer Ubuntu(Ubuntu after v11.04) , It introduced new Unity UI for rich desktop experience.
GNOME 2.X was used in Older ubuntu and Fedora is using GNOME shell(after version 15).

So, I have seen many post related comparison of older GNOME with Unity and Unity vs GNOME Shell. GNOME Shell and Unity both look like a same but both have its own functionalities.

But As per my experience, Unity is awesome thing and it increases the productivity. Lets see how...


Suppose I want to run open office then I will go into application menu and then office then will run any open office application after that I found that lets check the mail and I will go to again Application menu then Internet then Thunderbird or any email client. In short, Each and every time I have to shift from keyboard to track pad(touch pad).


Above task can be done in easy way with latest ubuntu.

SUPER+ Libre... Navigate-> ENTER

SUPER+Thun..Navigate->Enter (BEST WAY TO USE HUD IN UBUNTU 12.04 : ALT+ emai..-> ENTER)

ALT+cha..-> Enter (It will open chat application called empathy)

So,No time to go on track-pad (touch pad), Its simply awesome.

Now, you can understand how Unity is useful then older GNOME .
Unity is specially design for keyboard lovers and you are using linux so sure you will be keyboard geek otherwise you wont try linux.


UPDATE: If you want to see shortcuts on ubuntu 12.04 then press SUPER and hold.

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