Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Linux is great?

Let me tell you some big things…

1.Every time you surf over the internet ,then who gives you this beautiful INTERNET where back end contains millions of server.

2.75% of stock exchange all over the world runs on Linux.

3.95% of super computers runs on Linux.

4. ATMS,Super secure systems even your embedded watch runs on Linux.

5. BTW..your beautiful MAC operating system is derived from UNIX which is also parent of LINUX.


How to install LAMP or Apache tomcat server in Ubuntu by single command

If you want to install LAMP or apache tomcat server in any version of Ubuntu than follow below steps
1.Open terminal and Type the command : (PRESS ALT+CTLR+T)

sudo apt-get install tasksel

2.Now to install LAMP, type the taskel command in terminal :

sudo  tasksel

And select LAMP Server: