Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Linux is great?

Let me tell you some big things…

1.Every time you surf over the internet ,then who gives you this beautiful INTERNET where back end contains millions of server.

2.75% of stock exchange all over the world runs on Linux.

3.95% of super computers runs on Linux.

4. ATMS,Super secure systems even your embedded watch runs on Linux.

5. BTW..your beautiful MAC operating system is derived from UNIX which is also parent of LINUX.


6.Word’s top eBook reader Amazon Kindle uses Linux operating system.

7. Every year IBM puts lot of money for Linux development since 1991.

8. Even US Military DRONES (Auto pilot Planes) uses Linux.

9.World’s first mobile company MOTOROLA was the first to deploy Linux os into mobiles.

10.BMW wants to put LINUX in his cars promising by its manager ,this year.

11.India’s 15K courts uses Ubuntu as Linux os by this year.

12.Now a days,Intel is working on Tizen and Migo(NOKIA N9) which is Linux based tablet operating system.

13. It can scale to 1024 processors on a single computer….1024 cores..isn't it BIG???

14. It has more documentation and internet communities than any other operating system.

15.Linux Is also compatible with 256 MB RAM with any old hardware.

16. Believe it or not, the gigantic, ever-growing cluster of servers that power Google's search and other apps runs Linux.

17..See here( Where you can see where Linux is used and for what…

18. Set-top boxes are another secret to Linux's success..

19.Even Real time embedded systems(RTLinux) and Sensor based networking(Tiny OS) are unique Linux family members..

20.At last.,,,The world’s top growing mobile operating system ANDROID is based on LINUX….

So…“Almost every adult who uses technology in today’s world uses or has used something that is Linux powered.”

So…try Linux because its for different people…R U want to be a different… than you must explore its power..

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