Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to flash Samsung galaxy SL i9003?


  1. First for safety...Bettery level 50% required,remove sim card,remove memory card and after flash your all data will be deleted so backup anything you want.Download ODIN from http://hotfile.com/dl/107607762/640950b/I9003_Odin3_v1.82.rar.html 
  2. Select USB debugging mode from setting in phone.
  3. Now switch off phone and press VOLUME DOWN+MENU(Middle physical button)+POWER ON button simultaneously and It will go into download mode.
  4. Connect you phone to PC via USB cable.
  5. If Downloaded firmware has 1 files than give a path like below image and UNCHECK RE-PARTITION
  6. If Downloaded firmware has 3 files than give a path like below image and CHECK RE-PARTITION.
PIT – latona_20110114.pit,BOOTLOADER – APBOOT_I9003XXKP7_CL280937_REV08_eng_mid_ship.tar,
Phone – MODEM_I9003XXKP7_REV_00_CL1021949.tar.md5,
CSC – GT-I9003-CSC-MULTI-OXAKP7.tar.md5,
PDA – CODE_I9003XXKP7_CL280937_REV08_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5,

  1. Just press start and your phone will be flashed after reboot of phone,remove from PC.

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