Saturday, November 12, 2011

Journaling/Note taking software for Windows/Linux

Hi to everyone….
If you are addicted to your computer, you may be thinking of writing your own thoughts/notes in computer using best journaling app. Lets see!!!
There are lots of diary apps available in windows but I like Microsoft’s Office Onenote too much for this purpose and it survive its purpose also.It is very nice app to take notes,writing like on diary and you can write anywhere onto the page.
If you want an app that’s synchronize with everywhere than I recommend to use Evernote.its great note taking application supports many platforms like windows,mac os x,android,iOS,blackberry, One account for all things.

Now, Linux as no much of softwares as windows but It provides quite better app for journaling purpose.
There are two app called Lifograph and Rednotebook which are bests.
Both provides calendar vise entries and to-do,notes and etc.
Rednotebook provide export support for your written notes to PDF,HTML,Latex and you can give it to any one.

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