Sunday, February 5, 2012

Latex start up guide

Latex is a Document preparation suite for creating well formated reports,pdfs,e books,magazine and etc..
In this guide we will learn how to handle LaTeX at geek level not at expert level.
There are two tools which we will need to understand.
      1. Miktex-It is a compiler which will compile our document to generate pdf output.
(Download from here )
      1. Led-It is a latex editor. In which we will write our code and we will compile it using Miktex.
All latex file(code) has extension as a .tex and all bibliography file has extension as a .bbl
Some points to remember for easy understanding and handling:
      1. F7 is short cut key to compile your code in led.
      2. Please do back up before editing any code.
      3. If you found any error in compiling your code in led then type ‘H/h’ in console and press enter. It will show the error did by you.
      4. Most of all tags starts from \tag-name
      5. Some format needs its class to be in same directory where our tex fie is stored,like in IEEE format its class IEEEtrans.cls to be at same place where tex file is stored.
      1. All images which are included in our tex are to be stored at same place where tex file is.
How to do :
      1. Open LED.
      1. Open .tex file.
      1. Do modification in your way.
      1. Compile it using F7.
      1. Enable “Tools” menu in menu bar by right click.
      2. Open PDF(PDF symbol) in Tools menu.
      3. See your output in your installed pdf reader.
Examples of LaTex report formats:(Download Links are in brackets )
So modify it in your way and enjoy of doing LaTex.

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