Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Linux story

I'm not like Linus Torvalds who has created Linux. But its  small story of my Linux journey.
So enjoy it.

First time, I touched Linux as Ubuntu in August-2010 ,I don’t remember the exact date but month was right.
I don’t know much about it at that time so I installed it(Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid)) inside windows using wubi(Windows Ubuntu Installer).
So It was very much pleasure to explore it, surf it and use it.
Than I tried 10.10 maverick(I got the help from one of my senior named as Ali to install it in one of the partition) which was very nice and I had to work on it till newer version not available.
So I explored as much as things about Linux between August-2010 to August-2011 and learned so many things about it.
I was impressed by one free magazine called "Full circle magazine( ) which is full of knowledge.

Then One Idea(IDEA 3G..:)) comes into my mind…
Why don’t I Create one own Linux based on Ubuntu?
The reasons were
-I don’t like Unity interface too much.(Ubuntu left GNOME from 11.04..and it will totally disappear with 11.10)
-Windows has size of 3 GB. why don’t Linux have...with some pre-installed major apps??
-I want to learn system level  tweaking so I can learn what's inside in it.
-People has no time to search Linux app while windows is primary os so give some major pre-installed apps in my own Linux so people can understand the power of Linux.

I got the idea….so my mind was thinking about its name ...what should be it??
Then I came to one...called gbuntu(mixture of Genius and Ubuntu ) so I took the opportunity and made decision to create it.

Helpers/contributors of my Linux journey:
Saif Hasan(IIT-B student)
Vidit Baxi(Researh Security Analyst at TechDefence)
Aliasagar hada(CSE-Nirma)
Krupesh Patel(CSE-Nirma)
Vatsal Mevada(CSE-Nirma)
Bipin Gohel(CSE-Alumni)
Hitesh Piprotar(CSE-Nirma)
Nayan Khanpara(CSE-Nirma)
Darpan Dekivadia(CSE-Nirma)
and my classmates...

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